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Kev's Apps is the website where you will find all the details about the Apps developed by Kevin Gordon. Kev's Apps was founded in 2011.

Navigate to the Apps listing to see our portfolio of apps. The apps we have built are dedicated to the Apple iPhone and can be found in the App Store.

We welcome feedback, reviews and feature requests, so please get in contact.

We also build enterprise apps for businesses, and would welcome new customers, so if you have an idea for an app you need to build, or need changes or upgrades to an exisitng app please get in contact. We will be able to provide you a quote for our services based on your idea and brief.

About Kevin Gordon

Photograph of Kevin Gordon

"I started learning Objective C (the code in which you write iOS applications) over the Christmas of 2010, and began developing my first iOS app in Feb 2011. I have now written and published two Apps on the App Store, and numerous demos both for the iPhone and the iPad. I am currently looking for my next project. I have set up in order to provide a single point for information about the apps I have developed"

- Kevin Gordon 11th June 2011


Thank you to Sarah Chin-a-Loy and Darren Campan for their help in responsive refresh of Kev's Apps website.

And thank you to my original beta testers for testing the site; all your feedback and useful suggestions;

Ann, Faw, Burrows, Tricky, Dave, Thea, Mark, Steph, Ron, Mike, Richard, Mum & Dad.