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DE Prepositions - App description

Learn the German prepositions by using flash cards to test yourself from English to German and from German to English, in order to improve your German grammar. Review the four groups of prepositions and the prepositions they contain.

Learn about each group of prepositions, and see examples of how the prepositions are used. Follow your progress by viewing statistics on how well you are learning each preposition, and then use the settings to target which individual prepositions to test, or which group of prepositions to test (via application settings).

Settings also allow you to choose to test yourself with the German translations or the English meanings. Settings also allow you to randomise the order in which the individual prepositions or groups of prepositions are tested.

This app is ideal if you are trying to learn the German language or perhaps if you're travelling to Germany and need to refresh your knowledge of the German prepositions and the different cases they take in order to be grammatically correct.

The app does not require a data connection to run.

Download DE Prepositions

Download DE Prepositions

You can download DE Prepositions from the App Store, by following the following link, or by searching on the App Store for "DE Prepositions" or "Kevin Gordon". View on the App Store where you can download DE Prepositions

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What are the German prepositions

In English all the preposition take the same case, however in German there are 4 groups of prepositions, each takes a different case (dative, accusative or genitive). In each group there are 8 or 9 individual prepositions. One of these groups takes 2 different cases (accusative or dative) depending on how it is being used, in this app this is called the DRAM group, which takes the dative or accusative case, depending on whether it is used to indicate movement or not (Dative Rest, Accusative Movement). This app helps you learn the prepositions.

Prepositions you will learn include "nach" - "to, after, according to", "mit" - "with", "auf" - "on", "├╝ber" - "over, above", "durch" - "through", "anstatt" - "instead of", and many more.

The app works with

DE Prepositions has been written for and works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and also works on the iPad in iPhone mode at 1x or 2x zoom.


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If you have any issues with the app or would like an enhancement, please contact Kevin Gordon on the support email.

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Thank you to Ron Cooke for helping verify the descriptions and examples.

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