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DE Pronouns

DE Pronouns - App description

Learn the German personal pronouns, review them (with the quick reference guide), get tested on them and see how well you are doing with the stats page. Ideal if you are trying to learn the German language or perhaps if you're travelling to Germany and need to refresh your knowledge of the personal pronouns in the different cases in order to be grammatically correct. This app can test you by asking you for the German or the English word, and you can randomise the order, and specify which cases and pronouns you want to be tested on.

Can't remember that "Ihnen" is the German formal form of "you" in the dative, can't remember what ihr means (her in Dative, you - plural informal in the nominative), etc? This is perfect for you and will help you learn these personal pronouns and cement your understanding of these words.

Download DE Pronouns

Download DE Pronouns

You can download DE Pronouns from the App Store, by following the following link, or by searching on the App Store for "DE Pronouns" or "Kevin Gordon". View on the App Store where you can download DE Pronouns

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What are the personal pronouns

The German personal pronouns are words such as "I", "you", "he", "she", and "they" are used in the Nominative (ich, du, er, sie), Accusative (mich, dich, ihn, sie) and Dative (mir, dir, ihm, ihr) cases. The nominative being the subject, the accusative being the direct object, and the dative being the indirect object. E.g. "I throw it to her". "I" is the subject and takes the nominative, "it" is the direct object and takes the accusative and "her" is the indirect object and takes the dative. Therefore the German phrase would be; "ich werfe es ihr". The app assumes you know about the different German cases that the personal pronouns are used in (nominative, accusative and dative), and therefore will know when to apply the words that you learn.

What the app can do

The app allows you to review the personal pronouns in the 3 cases (nominative, accusative and Dative) as a quick reference guide. Then you will be tested on the words, with each word presented in either German or English (depending on the setting you choose), and you will be asked for the translation (which you type in). How well you do is logged in the stats, and you can view this on the stats page. The settings allow you to choose which cases to test yourself on, and which of the pronouns to test yourself on. So if you see you are having trouble with specific pronouns, you can select those to be tested against (going via application settings).

The application settings and in-app settings also allow you to randomise the order in which the case and the pronouns are chosen, in order to avoid learning them in a particular ordered pattern.

The app does not require a data connection to run.

The app works with

DE Pronouns has been written for and works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and also works on the iPad in iPhone mode at 1x or 2x zoom.


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If you have any issues with the app or would like an enhancement, please contact Kevin Gordon on the support email.

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Thank you to David de Niese for taking the time to help me with finishing the app off.

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