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iCashBurner is a fun money wasting tracking app for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Kevin Gordon, View iCashBurner on the App Store

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iCashBurner - App description

Stuck in corporate meeting after meeting, wondering how much money your company is wasting, stuck watching (or listening to someone present) a boring powerpoint presentation?

  • This app will let you quickly calculate how much the meeting has cost based on an average rate for the resources, number of resources, and duration.
  • See the pounds, dollars or euros disappear as the cash burner live calculates the amount spend live as the time goes by.
  • Set the defaults so you can quickly do the calculations in future.

The app does not require a data connection to run.

Download iCashburner

Download iCashBurner

You can download iCashBurner from the App Store, by following the following link, or by searching on the App Store for "iCashBurner" or "Kevin Gordon". View on the App Store where you can download iCashBurner

The app works with

iCashBurner has been written for and works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and also works on the iPad in iPhone mode at 1x or 2x zoom.


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If you have any issues with the app or would like an enhancement, please contact Kevin Gordon on the support email.

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