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Tablet Tracker is a medication/tablet tracking app for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Kevin Gordon, View Tablet Tracker on the App Store. Currently free until the 14th October.

Tablet Tracker

Tablet Tracker - App description

This app allows you to plan your regular medication and tablets, and mark when you've taken them. The app reminds you to take you medication, and you can view a history of the medication that you have taken going back to when you start using the app.

This app is ideal if you are taking medication long term, and need help tracking the medication, and to be reminded when you took it. It's also ideal if you are taking a variety of tablets (or drops, or lotions), especially if you are taking multiple times a day, as it allows you to keep track of when you took them, and what you still need to take.

  • Simply add a new medication to take once or take regularly.
  • Each day you will get a list of medication you should take for that day, and the times you should take it
  • Simply tick off the medication you take and the app will keep track of when you took your medication, and capture notes.
  • Remind you when to take your medication.
  • View history of what medication you took and when you took it and any notes you made.
  • Turn on discrete mode to hide the medication names from within the app and the reminders
  • Choose the medication schedule you prefer, selecting which days of the week to take, and which times to take on each day

Settings allow you to turn on discrete mode, delete you medication history, cancel the reminders, and undelete medication you have deleted.

The app does not require a data connection to run.

Download Tablet Tracker

Download Tablet Tracker

You can download Tablet Tracker from the App Store, by following the following link, or by searching on the App Store for "Tablet Tracker" or "Kevin Gordon". View on the App Store where you can download Tablet Tracker

The app works with

Tablet Tracker has been written for and works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and also works on the iPad in iPhone mode at 1x or 2x zoom.


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If you have any issues with the app or would like an enhancement, please contact Kevin Gordon on the support email.

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